Children of Men, featuring Clive Owen and Julianne Moore

Clive Owen in Children Of Men (2006 Movie), based on a novel by P. D. James and set during the year 2027, in a quasi-apocalyptic world where the human race has become infertile. It has been over eighteen years since the last baby was born. Without hope for the future the world has fallen into … Read more

Resident Evil: The final Chapter, featuring Milla Jovovich

I predicted that the final chapter of the Resident Evil franchise might be a thoughtless and fun action movie. Biscuits was not so optimistic. Despite those reservations, we took a chance and decided to head out to the theater. We both beleived that this movie couldn’t possibly be any worse than Underworld: Blood Wars. We … Read more

REC featuring Manuela Velasco, 2007

+Rec is a 2007 Spanish language horror movie starring Manuela Velasco, which was remade in 2008 as the English language film ‘Quarantine’. The two films are remarkably similar. In both the original Spanish ‘REC’ and the US English ‘Quarantine’; the film follows TV reporter and her camera man as they document day to day (or … Read more