Month: March 2012

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Katee Sackhoff has a special destiny, appears in new Riddick film

I really hope the writing staff is a little more creative this time around. I really hate to think of Starbuck romping around the cliche universe described in the last film. Remember the hot ass prison world; where all life was incinerated on the daylight side of the planet? Yeah, it was called “crematoria”. Really? That’s pretty original.

The River - Experiment
Binge Worthy Television

ABC’s search for Dr. Emmet Cole ends on The River.

If you haven’t been following the series, global explorer and adventurer Emmett Cole has disappeared in the Amazon river basin. Cole, the host of a well known nature adventure program is believed lost until his emergency beacon is suddenly activated six months after he and his crew vanished. Cole’s wife Tess and his reluctant son Lincoln take a television network up on their offer to fund an expedition to find him. They embark on a journey into the deepest part of the rain forest together with Emmett’s former producer and a few other intrepid individuals.