Terra Nova: a new FOX scifi series premiers this fall

Terra Nova looks to be one of the most interesting new titles slated for fall premier. In order To save mankind, colonists are transported millions of years into the past. Some people are already saying this could be the new “LOST”.  As long as the visual effects are good and the characters are compelling, Terra Nova could […]

Red Faction Origins, A SyFy original Movie

Now that Stargate Universe is over and there aren’t many other science fiction programs to watch, maybe I’ll actually have to watch some of those SyFy Channel original movies. The latest, titled “Red Faction: Origins” actually looks interesting. The movie is a tie-in to the popular Red Faction video game series by THQ and coincidentally debuts on […]

Gauntlet: The Final Episode Of Stargate Universe

I can hardly believe SGU is ending. Gauntlet is the final episode chronicling the journey aboard the ancient starship known as ‘Destiny’ by the survivors of Icarus base. I remember the beginning of the series when Eli Wallace was recruited to solve the “9th chevron” problem because of a challenge he overcame in a videogame. […]