Month: September 2010


Its Enrico Fermi’s birthday

You might ask why Professor Fermi is relevant to this blog. The short answer is particle shock acceleration or diffused shock acceleration are terms which often refer to Fermi Acceleration, which describes “the acceleration that charged particles undergo when reflected by a magnetic mirror”. This is thought to be the primary mechanism by which particles gain energy beyond the thermal energy in astrophysical shock waves.

rec movie
Awesomely Bad Movies

REC – This found news footage is awesomely bad.

+Rec is a 2007 Spanish language horror movie which was remade in 2008 as the English language Quarantine. The two films are remarkably similar. In both the original Spanish version and the US English version, the film follows TV reporter Angela Vidal and her camera man as they document day to day (or night to night) activities of a local fire department.