Change Comes Slowly

I haven’t been been very good at maintaining this website. That’s in part because this website serves no real purpose. It’s not a storefront or portfolio.

Does Star Trek Discovery justify CBS All Access

I will probably never see another episode of Star Trek Discovery. That’s rather unfortunate. After waiting years for a new Star Trek TV Series, I’ll never know how Discovery develops beyond its pilot episode.

Alien Covenant was a confusing disappointment

Alien Covenant was such a disappointment. I’m not sure Ridley Scott actually wants to make a successful Alien movie. He should have allowed Neill Blomkamp to make a sequel to the 1986 James Cameron film “Aliens”.

What Happened to Monday? Ask Noomi Rapace

‘What Happened to Monday’ is a Netflix original movie, starring Noomi Rapace, set in a dystopian future where over-population threatens the continued existence of the human race.

Farewell Adam West, Finest of all the Batmen

Farewell Adam West, the finest Batman ever to grace a television or movie screen. Yes, of course it was campy deadpan humor … it was the late 60’s. He was a Batman who used the technology of the day to solve crimes. Adam West’s Batman was close to the “the detective” than modern interpretations of […]