Westworld, featuring Yul Brynner and Richard Benjamin

Do you remember Westworld? I’m betting that you don’t because most of you don’t even remember rotary telephones. Rotary phones… You are aware that those existed right? There was a time before phones had buttons. Just like now is the time before evil robots overthrow the human race. It’s going to happen just you wait … Read more

Soldier, featuring Kurt Russell.

Soldier is a 1998 action movie starring Kurt Russell about a soldier (duh!) known only as Todd, selected at birth for a life of cold military discipline, brutal training, and dangerous combat. Speaking of Kurt Russell (and I did back when I was talking about “The Thing”) Soldier is a movie you should check out … Read more

The Thing, featuring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Joel Edgerton.

If you haven’t yet made it to theaters to see The Thing I recommend that you do. If you are a fan of the 1982 Kurt Russell film, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. There are certain films which lend themselves to re-interpretation. There are also those films which, although dated, simply cannot be improved. … Read more

Journeyman on NBC

Remember the television series Journeyman? it aired briefly on NBC during the 2007/2008 WGA writers’ strike. The series featured Kevin McKidd as an unwitting time traveler.Journeyman wasn’t very original Journeyman was actually pretty interesting considering that it only aired to fill a programming gap caused by the writer’s strike. Unfortunately the series drew some heavy … Read more

Dog Soldiers, featuring Kevin McKidd.

Dog Soldiers is a low budget military action werewolf movie. Even though science fiction is by far my favorite genre, horror and military action movies are also pretty high on my list. A friend of mine recommended “Dog Soldiers” and it fits into both of the latter categories so I thought I might tell you … Read more

REC featuring Manuela Velasco, 2007

+Rec is a 2007 Spanish language horror movie starring Manuela Velasco, which was remade in 2008 as the English language film ‘Quarantine’. The two films are remarkably similar. In both the original Spanish ‘REC’ and the US English ‘Quarantine’; the film follows TV reporter and her camera man as they document day to day (or … Read more

Damnation Alley featuring Jan-Michael Vincent and George Peppard

Damnation Alley capitalizes on cold war era fears of global nuclear war and features both Jan-Michael Vincent (Air Wolf) and George Peppard (The A-team). Despite the fact that both of these actors were big in 80’s TV action shows, this movie isn’t as awesome as Air wolf or the A-team. But you know I can’t … Read more

Skyline: Stephen Hawking warned us

NASA sent a message deep into space, where all the hungry aliens live. They got the message: Delicious humans available on Earth for a limited time. Yum! There is a new trailer out another rather low-rent sci-fi film: Skyline. The basic premise is that NASA sent a message deep into space, where aliens live. And … Read more

‘LifeForce’ with Steve Railsback and Mathilda May.

LifeForce is an awesomely bad sci-fi film from 1985. It’s based on the 1976 book Space Vampires by Colin Wilson. I’ve never read it, but I can only hope its better than this movie. The Plot? A joint US/UK space mission investigating Haley’s comet discovers a huge alien spacecraft concealed in the comet’s coma. The … Read more