2011 remake of Fright Night available on Blu-Ray

I purposely avoided seeing the Fright Night remake in theaters. I’m not a fan of franchise reboots. They fail to live up to expectations all too often.

“Jerry… that’s a horrible vampire name.” I purposely skipped seeing the new Fright Night in theaters. I’m generally not a fan of franchise reboot movies. Occasionally it is nice to see a familiar subject re-imagined with current cinematic technology. Unfortunately the new films fail to live up to expectations all too often.

The new Nightmare on Elm Street was an example of a film here the whole was less than the sum of the parts. Despite a strong cast and strong source material the film was a huge let down. If Hollywood producers could not deliver the goods with a beloved anti-hero like Freddy Kreuger, they had next to no chance with the vampire Jerry Dandridge.
Before you think I’m being overly critical, there were a lot of things I actually enjoyed about this new Fright Night. Colin Farrell portrays Jerry as the ultimate weird creep. That’s a compliment. Rather than rely on an obvious “dark and brooding” vampire stereotype, Farrell s performance would be disturbing even without the bloodthirsty monster bit.

Anton Yelchin is a good choice for the lead role of Charlie Brewster.  I don’t have much else to say about that;  He’s good in a role that isn’t. The character has been tweaked to be massively more appealing than his 1985 counterpart. No offence intended towards William Ragsdale who filled the role in the eralier film. It was a different time.

I love Imogen Poots. I was really glad to see her career in North American cinema beginning to advance. Unfortunately, I think they went a bit overboard while amping up her sexuality towards the end of the film.

So, is this new “Fright Night”  worth watching? Absolutely. If, for the sake of nostalgia you enjoy the way movie studios continue to bastardize your childhood. It was better than the latest “Nightmare on Elm Street” but that isn’t very high praise.

If you’re bored on a weekend afternoon because you are (much like myself) socially inept and have no friends then Yeah Sure… Watch the new Fright Night.  I have movie night with the kids. We watched the 1985 film the following night and had a good laugh.