You Smell Like Dinner: True Blood episode 4.02

You Smell Like Dinner

What did you think of True Blood Season 4, Episode 2: You Smell Like Dinner? I hope you watched tonight (or earlier if you logged into HBO GO) because Life in BonTemps is already out of control.

I surely hope Sam isn’t going to trust Tommy. That crap about wanting to be brothers is getting pretty old. I kind of wish Sam had killed him at the end of season three. That’s the most normal plot development in an episode that’s just jam packed with WTF.

WTF is up with Jason Stackhouse? is going to be a werepanther now? Doesn’t it just seem like everyone in this town is supernatural these days? shapeshifters, fairies, werewolves, werepanthers, and now witches. Do any normal humans still live in BonTemps?

WTF is up with Arlene’s baby? is he really Rene’s devil spawn? Did you see that crap the little bastard did to his mother’s eyeball. How rude!

WTF with Sam’s new love interest? is she really twisted and evil? Native american legend says she’s a “skin walker” because she can take the form of any creature .. even another person. Of course I don’t think your mother dying in childbirth is really the same thing as killing your own but hey… minor technicality.

BIG WTF is up with Eric Northman? did those witches really bring him back to life? Eric may be a dick most of the time but I don’t want to see him as a catatonic human. That’s not badass at all.

As always it appears that True Blood is drawing on other vampire literature beyond Charlaine Harris’ own Southern Vampire series. The conflict between witches and Vampires reminds me of the Mayfair witches from Anne Rice’s later works. I know a lot of people rolled their eyes in season three when werewolves were introduced. I heard a lot of fans groaning that True Blood was imitating Twilight. A lot of vampire fiction crosses over with werewolf fiction. Just look at those Underworld movies.

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