Wallflower: Fringe, episode 4.07

Wallflower: Fringe 4.07

When a man mysteriously dies by an invisible force, his body rapidly begins turning ghostly white. The Fringe team learns that this is not an isolated incident, and there’s evidence that links the predator to someone who passed away with an unknown genetic disorder. Meanwhile, Olivia suffers from migraines.

This episode was billed as being the fall finale. Now fans must wait until January 2012 for the series to return.

What do we know about a world or two without Peter bishop?

  • Olivia was fully aware that she had been a subject of the cortexaphan experiments conducted by  Walter Bishop and William Bell.
  • Olivia and her sister were raised by Nina Sharp after their mother died from cancer.
  • The peter bishop from the alternate universe also died. he drowned in Reiden lake shortly after Walter abducted him.
  • Walter was released from St. Clair’s into Olivia’s custody.
  • It was Walter, not peter who activated “the machine”.
  • Walter has not left the Harvard University lab in over three years.

It would appear The door is still open for some kind of romance between Lincoln and Olivia. The two meet in a diner after Olivia’s late night walk to a pharmacy. Agent Lee has guessed that Peter and Olivia were a couple in the world that Peter comes from. Peter assures agent Lee that the Olivia Dunham he’s talking about; is not Peter’s Olivia. At the conclusion of the case, Olivia and Lincoln tentatively plan to met again at the diner. Unfortunately Olivia is incapacitated by some kind of nerve gas.

This episode has left us with some disturbing questions about Nina Sharp and Massive Dynamic.

Subsidiaries of Massive Dynamic perform experiments on infants?

Why is Nina sharp injecting Olivia with  a mysterious serum which causes her to suffer migraine headaches? I would assume the drug is cortexaphan.

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