the unfortunate return of the Sarah Connor Chronicles

I really do enjoy the SyFy network. Some of my favorite TV series have aired on SyFy, most of them while the network was still known by the more conventional “Sci-Fi” moniker. In addition to their original content  SyFy will also syndicate some of my favorite older shows such as the X-Files and various flavors of Star Trek.  Unfortunately, SyFy will now be airing the god awful Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles, Which you can probably tell I hold in low esteem.

Farscape and Battlestar Galactica were two of my all time favorite sci-fi series and both of them aired on SyFy. I’ve also enjoyed to most recent branch of the Stargate franchise “Stargate Universe” even though I didn’t really care for SG1 or Atlantis. How can the network which brought us BSG air the Sarah Connor Chronicles?

That may have been the absolute worst television adaptation of a movie franchise ever. If you know of a worse translation from film to TV, please comment  with the details so that I can prove you wrong.

There are of course those all those laughably bad SyFy original movies like “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid”. Those kinds of movies are so campy that you can’t take them seriously. Somebody at FOX actually thought that the Sarah Connor Chronicles was a prime time contender.

SyFy has no shortage of original programming, even if some of that is repackaged BBC programming like “Being Human” and Dr. Who”. I’d much rather watch Sanctuary than suffer another moment of the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Why SyFy, Why?

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