Thanks to Olivia Wilde Tron Legacy has eye candy

Tron Legacy Olivia Wilde

After the amazing press campaign at E3, I can hardly wait to see TRON Legacy. When I was a kid The original TRON was pretty cutting edge stuff. Of course now the 1982 visual effects appear somewhat ‘primitive” by to standards of today’s tech savvy kids. But come on … who didn’t love light cycles?

The next generation of visual effects won’t be the only visual stimulation. Thanks to Olivia Wilde Tron Legacy has eye candy A healthy dose of Olivia Wilde will help offset the geek-tech factor.

Tron introduced concept of a digitial state of being, which even pre-dated ‘Neuromancer’, the seminal work of cyberpunk fiction by William Gibson (who is often credited as the father of cyberpunk fiction).

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