Did you see Tron Legacy? was it was better than Avatar?

Tron Legacy

I  managed to get to the theater opening weekend. That is an achievement considering how much  I loathe crowds. The kids next to me  were incredibly annoying. The teenage girl continuously checked for messaged on her incredibly bright phone while the younger boy kept kicking me. Yeah hell really is other people.

It was nice that Disney didn’t trample my childhood memories of  Tron. Although in retrospect, the original tron visual effects do look silly by today’s standards.  Tron Legacy was very entertaining and visually stunning.  I was actually surprised that Olivia Wilde wrapped  in tight black plastic wasn’t more heavily exploited. I guess it is a Disney Film.  I standing my by previous observation that both Olivia Wilde and Beau Garrett look amazing  in “Disney Digital 3D”.

Jeff Bridges is fantastic as Kevin Flynn and his digital alter ego, Clu. As an aged Kevin Flynn, Bridges  brings a little bit of the Dude to the digital frontier. As Clu, a sense of obsessive-compulsive focus.  I was surprised (again) to learn that bridges played both roles. Whatever digital filter was used to make bridges resemble a younger version of himself was really rather creepy. Clu was also played by actor John Reardon, who served as a performance double for bridges.

My only complaint is the Michael Sheen character Castor (also secretly known as Zuse). I don’t have anything against Sheen. The character just  reminded me of a freakish Alan Cuming  version of Ziggy Stardust. Seriously. I don’t even know how Daft Punk can work for him.

If you didn’t catch tron Legacy this weekend, do try to make it to theaters for this one.  Its  worth the price of admission.

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