Transformers Dark of the Moon – Megan Fox seems really bright.

I’ve seen a few clips from Michael Bay’s Latest Transformers movie, “Dark of the Moon” featuring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Whiteley replaces former female lead Megan Fox as a newly introduced character, “Carly”. Maybe Megan Fox was impossible to work with but Whiteley was so stiff and vacant in her scenes it was difficult to watch. Rosie’s an underwear model. I’ not talking about Hanes Her Way here people. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a Victoria’s Secret model. Middle aged men do bad things while looking at Victoria’s Secret catalogs. Gross.

Anyway, do you remember that scene in the first Transformers movie where Megan Fox props open the hood of the yellow Camero? Of course you do. All of America pretty much decided that Megan Fox was the hottest thing on the planet right then and there and all she exposed was her midriff. So okay, in the time since that scene first hit the big screen we’ve all begun to have some serious doubts about Megan’s sanity but that’s really beside the point.

Wait. I think I was going somewhere with this but I seem to have been derailed by some lingerie models. Oh I remember. Michael bay replaced Megan Fox with a girl who probably spends the majority of her work day wearing little more than a lacy thong. Yet somehow he still managed to come up empty. Maybe there’s more to the blockbuster formula than finding a random “hot chick”. You can’t put someone who is about as articulate as beef jerky in a film and expect her ass, no matter how firm and round said posterior may be, to carry the film.

I’m not suggesting that Megan Fox was a particularly great actor but she did manage to bring a shred of credibly to the role of Mikaela Banes. Fox delivered a certain complexity to that character; brooding with an inner darkness and not at self obsessed with her own physical appearance (despite the attention of the cool boys in her school).   Considering the movie in question that wasn’t a bad piece of work. Besides, you only get to do “nerdy kid gets the girl” once with a given set of characters. You can’t continue to portray Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) as being clueless about women.

On a side note Michael bay must have a serious obsession with Linkin Park as the band makes their third soundtrack contribution to the Transformers franchise. Considering how terrible their past two studio albums have been, maybe they should be thankful for the work.