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Short note – interesting traffic breakdown.

Traffic photo by Nabeel Syed

Just a short note that I still plan on updating this website. I know it seems that every note I post promises the same thing but I’ve been quite busy. In the next two months that should change and I’ll have more time to devote to hobbies like this.

I was looking over some web statistics and I’m surprised to see that 11% of my traffic comes from Linux machines; not severs mind you, but desktop computers running Linux distros like Ubuntu and Fedora. As you might expect Windows machines make up the majority of my site traffic with Macintosh coming in last at only 3% More Linux than Mac… wow.

One last bit of information: I’m currently not using the Jetpack plugin because I find it really slows down the WordPress backed. I know a lot of people talk about Jetpack slowing down their site but I have found that it doesn’t really affect the front end nearly as much as the WordPress admin. Maybe if I ever whip this site into shape I won’t need to publish so many edits and perform other back-end tasks.

That being said, the single most infuriating thing about the most recent version of Jetpack is (for me at least) that fact that the protect module wasn’t working. Every time I completed a little math problem on the login screen to prove that I am in fact human, a PHP error informs me that some class or function is missing. Does this have anything to do with disabling the  “beautiful math” module?

Formerly a graphic designer whose "pen & ink sensibilities" have become obsolete in a pixel based profession — I am a life long fan of all the rockets, robots, and rayguns who inspire our dreams of life in an uncertain future.

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