Mechanical Doping – Tour De France cracks down on cheaters

Mechanical Doping is on the news. I’m listening to coverage of the Tour De France in the background. I don’t know why, That’s just what was on the television when I turned it on. I wasn’t actually paying attention but I heard one of the commentators mention “doping”. That caught my attention because John Oliver recently talked about doping and performance enhancing drugs on Last Week Tonight (Link to Video Clip).

Today’s Tour commentary was about the detection of mechanical doping devices. That’s right … the Tour De France is looking for motors and batteries hidden inside bicycles. Okay, so listen, it’s one thing to cheat by means of enhancing the athlete. I can begrudgingly see how and athlete who dopes may somehow still  feel like a winner. After all is said and done, he did use muscle power to push the pedals. It’s completely ludicrous to cheat by powering the bike. How could you even remotely feel a sense of athletic achievement when you essentially rode a motorcycle in a bicycle race?

Lame. You know would be a new twist? Motors inside athletes. Imagine a future with cyborg cyclists with synthetic muscle fibers, contracted by chemistry and nearly impossible to detect.


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