“The Green Lantern” Not worth the price of admission.

green lantern movie

I don’t know about you, but I’m not very excited about this ” Green Lantern” movie. I’m not sure why GL failed to capture my interest. I enjoy Ryan Reynolds in other movies and I like decent special effects. Meh. Oh well I’m sure something else is playing.

Perhaps its because Green Lantern is a DC comic that I have some kind of deep seeded resistance. Yep, that’s right. I was a marvel kid. As an adult you realize that having two brands in a specific market isn’t solely and adversarial proposition. But when you’re a kid brand loyalty is everything. Your parents only drove one make of car, you only drank one brand of cola, and only ate one brand of peanut butter. Of course it goes without saying that you also read comics from one publisher. For me those things were Ford, Coca-Cola, Jif peanut butter… and Marvel comics!

Maybe my lack of interest in Green Lantern is not based on some kind of juvenile rivalry which once existed (mostly in the imaginations of readers) between Marvel and DC. Now that I think about it, Ryan Reynold’s doesn’t really strike me as a good fit for the Hal Jordan Green Lantern I knew from comics. Hal Jordon always seemed so dry and serious but I find Ryan to be irreverently humorous.

Last thing. Is this movie done in crappy post production 3D? That’s a deal breaker right there. I cannot say this strongly enough: STOP RUING MOVIES WITH CRAPPY 3D!

Oh well. What else is playing this weekend? I still haven’t seen X-Men First Class.

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