Terra Nova series finale: Occupation and Resistance

What did you think of the Terra Nova series finale? Sorry for the delay on this post but with the holidays and all I’ve been pretty busy. I’m not surprised they left a hook for possible time travel. But it might have been better if they had not.

The two episodes which comprise the Terra Nova series finale are titled Occupation and Resistance, respectively.  While that is is clever, I think now, that I do not like it when a finale is split into two distinctly titled episodes. I would simply prefer parts one and two of a single title.

One of my ongoing complains about the series has been that the creative staff seems to ignore the prehistoric world around the colony. I’ve always said that the peculiarity of “the island” was a big part of my LOST experience. Terra Nova had an opportunity to capitalize on that sense of exploratory adventure that’s been missing from network television ever since well, LOST.

I thought that having the entire conflict with (and occupation by) the Phoenix mercenary army take place while Jim was in a coma was kind of a rip off. That would have made for some good action sequences. Although, considering that this is Terra Nova we’re talking about; maybe it is for the better that these events are left to the imagination.

I’m not expecting Terra Nova to return next season. That’s why I refer to these two episodes as the Terra Nova series finale, which they likely are instead of merely being the season one finale. What a shame that is. Now that the colony has severed the link to the year 2149, the show might actually improve. Maybe the writers would be forced to interact with the world rather than replaying tired old character driven episodes.

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