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Terra Nova just might be the new Lost.

A group of people suddenly find themselves in what appears to be a tropical paradise. The new inhabitants quickly learn that nothing is quite as it seems as they discover a jungle of dangerous, sometimes even monstrous creatures.  As  mysteries begin to surface about the very nature of the world around them, Those who would survive in this strange new environment must also confront hostile members of another encampment.

So yeah… that’s Lost.  The survivors arrived by plane crash accompanied by convenient group of supporting characters who just happened to be on the wrong plane at the wrong time.

The island had no shortage of dangerous creatures like polar bears in the tropics and the black smoke monster. In Terra Nova there just happen to be dinosaurs.

I hope you didn’t forget about  ‘the others’ and the Dharma Initiative. Terra Nova sure didn’t. There’s a group of renegade pilgrims who splintered from the primary settlement. They have an agenda and somebody sent them.

What about Strange symbols? Check. Episode one and we already have mysterious writing which looks like complex mathematical equations.

Sawyer, kate, Jack, and Locke all had to come to terms with the lives which led them to the island. You want and personal conflict and inner turmoil with your dinosaurs? Well, Terra Nova begins with a man on the run – Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara) imprisoned for breaking strict  population control laws and assaulting police officers.  With help of his wife he makes his escape and finds himself  in Terra Nova trying to mend a fractured family and suddenly gun to gun with a dangerous group of former pilgrims known as “sixers”.

So does all this mean that Terra Nova is unoriginal? Not at all. This is easily one of the best new shows of the year. I think someone at FOX  recognized what fans loved about Lost. Something NBC failed to re-create with last season’s ‘The Event’.

Kudos to FOX. Terra Nova is right up there with Fringe as a weekly must-watch.

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