Underworld: Blood Wars, with Kate Beckinsale

Even though Underworld: Blood Wars met all of our exceedingly low expectations, the latest installment isn’t a very good movie; even when measured against the low bar of previous Underworld films. This isn’t a full review and I highly doubt I’ll dedicate the time to do one properly. But It’s worth a few moments to … Read more

‘LifeForce’ with Steve Railsback and Mathilda May.

LifeForce is an awesomely bad sci-fi film from 1985. It’s based on the 1976 book Space Vampires by Colin Wilson. I’ve never read it, but I can only hope its better than this movie. The Plot? A joint US/UK space mission investigating Haley’s comet discovers a huge alien spacecraft concealed in the comet’s coma. The … Read more