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Wallflower: Fringe 4.07

It would appear The door is still open for some kind of romance between Lincoln and Olivia. The two meet in a diner after Olivia’s late night walk to a pharmacy. Agent Lee has guessed that Peter and Olivia were a couple in the world that Peter comes from. Peter assures agent Lee that the Olivia Dunham he’s talking about; is not Peter’s Olivia. At the conclusion of the case, Olivia and Lincoln tentatively plan to met again at the diner. Unfortunately Olivia is incapacitated by some kind of nerve gas.

Binge Worthy Television

And Those We’ve Left Behind: Fringe 4.06

I was really hoping that this episode would lead to Peter being re-integrated into the fringe team. Unfortunately Peter now seems to feel that this isn’t his universe after all. Although he has no recollection of causing either Walter’s visions or Olivia’s dreams, those occurrences would lead you to believe that peter was once part of their universe.

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Binge Worthy Television

Novation: Fringe 4.05

Novation is probably one of the most interesting episodes of fringe so far in season four. Peter Bishop has returned but none of his fringe division colleagues remember him. In Walter’s recollection the alternate Peter drowned at Raven Lake during Walter’s attempt to retrieve him from the mirror universe. in the timeline that we are accustomed to the observer told Walter and Peter from the icy water; and act which the observer cites as interrupting the balance of the universe.

Binge Worthy Television

One Night in October: Fringe 4.02

Choices and the consequences thereof are central themes in Fringe. This episode beautify demonstrates the consequences of the choices we make. In one universe a man is a college professor, in the other universe his double is serial killer. The man has the same inner demons in both universes but a single choice (to run or not to run away from his father) gave of one them the tools to step outside of his own psychosis and live a productive life.