Altered Carbon, a Netflix original series.

Altered Carbon is the kind of gritty, post-cyberpunk science fiction series I really enjoy. Unfortunately that means it’s exactly the kind of series that rarely makes it to network television. Thankfully, this is a Netflix original series. Maybe in the near future I’ll do a full review of the series. I don’t do episode recaps … Read more

Ghost in the Shell, featuring Scarlett Johansson

When I first learned this adaptation of Ghost in the Shell was in production with Scarlett Johansson in the lead roll, I was somewhat disappointed. All I could think was great, More Hollywood white-washing. After seeing the trailer and behind-the-scenes look at the film’s special effects by Weta Workshop, I was sold on the industrial … Read more

Johnny Mnemonic, featuring Keanu Reeves

Do you Remember Keanu Reeves in the movie Johnny Mnemonic (1995)? It was a low budget adaptation of a short story by William Gibson. Even with strong source material, a capable cast, and a decent screenplay this film somehow managed to fail. I guess Hollywood and the general public just didn’t get ‘cyberspace’. The film … Read more