Resident Evil: The final Chapter, featuring Milla Jovovich

I predicted that the final chapter of the Resident Evil franchise might be a thoughtless and fun action movie. Biscuits was not so optimistic. Despite those reservations, we took a chance and decided to head out to the theater. We both beleived that this movie couldn’t possibly be any worse than Underworld: Blood Wars. We … Read more

Dredd 3D, featuring Karl Urban

I thought there were more hard-core Judge Dredd fans out there who would flock to any film adaptation; no matter how flawed, as long as Sylvester Stallone was not involved. But I was wrong. Dredd 3D seems to have come and gone with little fanfare. I can’t believe I just said fanfare. Dredd 3D was … Read more

Dog Soldiers, featuring Kevin McKidd.

Dog Soldiers is a low budget military action werewolf movie. Even though science fiction is by far my favorite genre, horror and military action movies are also pretty high on my list. A friend of mine recommended “Dog Soldiers” and it fits into both of the latter categories so I thought I might tell you … Read more