Subject 9: Fringe 4.04

Anna Torv in "Subject 9" Fringe 4.04

Olivia is plagued by a mysterious recurring field of energy which discharges massive amounts of electro magnetism. Metal objects nearby are thrown across the room as a precursor to the appearance of the field. Olivia discovers that contact with the energy field is very dangerous and begins to suspect that someone is using the energy field to attack her.

Walter Leaves the fringe laboratory for the first time in nearly 3 years to help Olivia pursue the man who had once been  a subject of the Cortexiphan trials. Walter recalls the “Subject 9” was capable of astral projection and the massive energy discharge was a side effect of said ability.

Of course the man is not responsible for the attacks and is instead recruited to help dissipate the energy field using an ability which is an unwelcome side effect of the Cortexiphan treatment.

Olivia receives a letter from Dr. Bruce Sumner (William Sadler) the director of St. Claire’s institution which recommends that Walter once again be committed for psychiatric care.
Considering that Olivia is also seeing the “mysterious man” it is somewhat disturbing that she even needs to consider Walter’s sanity.

Oddly, in a timeline without Peter, Walter is mysophobic (an unreasonable fear of germs). He has a violent anxiety attack triggered by a stay in a hotel room; where he imagines countless gruesome contaminants.
This is a considerable contrast to the  Walter we are used to; who never thinks twice about snacking while conducting an autopsy.

While Olivia and Walter attempt to destroy the energy field, Peter Bishop is released back into their timeline where he finds himself naked in Raiden lake. Unfortunately his reappearance has not corrected the timeline and none of his former colleagues remember him.
I guess I was just hoping for a reunion more like Olivia’s return from the alternate universe.

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