Stargate Universe episode 2.02 Aftermath

Aftermath: Stargate Universe episode 2.02

In the most recent episode, “Aftermath”, it is revealed that Dr. Rush has secretly gained control over Desinty’s various systems and can now direct the ship to drop out of faster-than-light (ftl) travel at will.

Realizing that essential supplies are running dangerously low on board the vessel Rush directs destiny to a planet with a non-functional stargate in search of replenishment. Without the benefit of a stargate the crew must take a shuttle to the surface of the planet. After a turbulent entry into the planet’s atmosphere the shuttle crash lands on the surface of the planet.

Meanwhile tensions rise on board destiny concerning the fate of the remaining Lucian alliance prisoners. Some of the captives clearly pose no threat to the crew of the Destiny and it is unclear what should be done with them as they are consuming valuable resources during their continued captivity. Colonel Young is of a mind to put them off ship on the first viable planet. However, others feel that at least some of the Lucian alliance personnel posses valuable skills and should be kept on board.

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