Star Trek Discovery, a CBS All Access original series

Perhaps I will never see another episode of Star Trek Discovery. That’s rather unfortunate. After waiting years for a new Star Trek TV Series, I’ll never know how Discovery develops beyond its pilot episode.
Star Trek Discovery might be worth a watch, too bad its only available on CBS all Access

I’ve been a Star Trek fan almost as long as I’ve been a fan of science fiction in general. I was happy that Star Trek would be returning to television but I had some concerns. More than anything else the producers of the new series could have decided, I was afraid the new series might be based on those truly terrible JJ Abrams “Kelvin Universe” films.

I was so relieved to learn that the new Star Trek series would not be related to the Abrams films, that nothing else seemed to matter. I didn’t care if Discovery was set in the TOS era or post TNG. It wouldn’t have been a deal-breaker if you told me the Bolians were going to be the main antagonist. I would have given the show a chance even if you told me that the new Klingons would be a grotesque combination of burn victims and racism.

I had never considered that, whatever the shape and disposition of the new series, it may be relegated to airing on … of all things, a CBS-ONLY STREAMING SERVICE!!! What the serious shit? That’s like a cucumber-only salad bar. I’m sure there’s that one weird guy who really loves cucumbers, but even he would agree that a single vegetable, does not a salad bar, make.
CBS All Access subscribers will probably evaporate after Discovery.

I’ve read that CBS All Access had a record number of day one subscriber sign-ups. I can’t imagine these customers were chomping at the bit just to binge watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Seriously, There are only a handful of new programs available on the streaming service and I doubt any of those have generated as much interest as Star Trek Discovery. I suspect that a lot of those subscribers will evaporate after Discovery ends.
I already pay to watch commercials. It’s called Comcast.

Star Trek Discovery is not enough to justify paying for a CBS only streaming service. I’ve looked over their entire catalog. CBS simply doesn’t have any other programming that appeals to me. Maybe the idea of watching commercials on a paid subscription service seams reasonable to cord-cutters for around six dollars a month. I think it’s insulting. After I pay nearly $300 a month for Comcast’s unreliable Xfinity services, I also choose to subscribe to Netflix because their streaming service has an incredible variety of content. Now, not only does CBS think their limited catalog rates an additional fee; they expect I’m willing to watch commercials? CBS, you need to get a grip on reality.

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