Skyline: Stephen Hawking warned us

NASA sent a message deep into space, where all the hungry aliens live. They got the message: Delicious humans available on Earth for a limited time. Yum!

There is a new trailer out another rather low-rent sci-fi film: Skyline. The basic premise is that NASA sent a message deep into space, where aliens live. And they got the message: Delicious humans still available on Earth? Yum! I don’t actually know that the aliens in this film eat people but really, what else are we good for?

Seen in the trailer are many large alien spacecraft sucking up little defenseless humans by the thousands like a cosmic vacuum cleaner. The fictional news reports used in the film repeat that Stephen Hawking warned us something like this could happen so maybe we should just leave aliens alone ok? By the way, did you know Stephen Hawking refuses to upgrade his electronic speaking voice even though newer more natural sounding speech synthesis is available? He says the ‘primitive’ electronic voice is how people have come to know him. Its a recognizable trait that people associate with him. Anyway, When Stephen Hawking says aliens are dangerous, you listen!

I was just thinking about why hostile aliens might come to our little planet. One reason that one of my friends (my only friend, really) suggested was resources. yes, that sounds plausible but then again, if you could sustain a huge population aboard spacecraft capable of crossing the seemingly endless expanse of deep space, you’ve probably got resource management all figured out.

More likely that the entire universe views humans either as vermin and will undertake great pains to exterminate us at the fist sign of infestation; or alternately, the entire universe views us as a tasty delicacy and would cross oceans of space to snack on humans.