Do Shapeshifters dream of electric sheep: Fringe 3.04

Fringe Season 3, Episode 4: Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep? US Senator Van Horn has secretly been replaced by a shape-shifter from the alternate universe. The the artificial senator’s true identity is revealed after a traffic collision. Fringe division must discover what intelligence the imposer had collected. if they succeed, the information could reveal Alternate Olivia Dunham’s true identity.

Walter moves his laboratory to Massive Dynamic, which he recently inherited from William bell. Walter attempts to use his new resources to retrieve data from the damaged shape shifter.

The Fringe team discover that artificial Senator Van Horn had collected intelligence on all  members of fringe division and their mission assignments. It was Van Horn who supplied the intel on the real Agent olivia Dunham  that allowed her alternate dimension counterpart to take her place.

Walter and Astrid work to locate a data storage device embedded in the shape shifter’s body.  Just as Walter realizes the false senator has “a brain in his ass” another shape shifter infiltrates the lab and steals the data.

It seems that some the shape shifting insurgents eventually settle in to their human lives. Several of them have formed attachments to the families of the humans they have secretly replaced.

Alternate Oliva seems to be developing feelings for Peter Bishop. She lures him to her apartment by sending him a text message indicating that they “need to talk”. When Peter arrives, Alternate Oliva confesses she didn’t want to talk at all. Kissing and nakedness ensue.

This has been the best season of Fringe to date. It’s a shame that its time for a short break. Fringe returns to FOX on November 4th 2010 and Olivia Dunham is coming home.