The Hunt: Stargate Universe Episode 2.16

The Hunt: Stargate Universe Episode 2.16

Have you been following Stargate Universe? The most recent episode titled “The Hunt”  had some pretty interesting sub plots running alongside the main  story. Granted the main story wasn’t very original. The crew of the ancient starship “Destiny” have confronted dangerous life forms while visiting a planet as a plot device at least three times.

There is finally some resolution for the remaining Lucian Alliance members aboard Desitiny When Varro offers to assist in rescuing Lt. Johansen who is trapped in the lair of a dangerous predatory animal which attacked the team’s planetside camp. I was beginning to wonder how long those people were going to be locked up especially since SGU has been hinting at a possible romance between Varro (Mike Dopud) and Johansen (Alaina Huffman).

What’s really interesting as a background story is the evolving dynamic among the scientists.  Rush has assumed to role of lead scientist and other members of the science team don’t always acknowledge his position as alpha male.

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