Resurgence: Stargate Universe episode 2.10

Resurgence: Stargate Universe episode 2.10

This episode is the mid season finale of Stargate Universe. I absolutely hate mid season breaks in my favorite television programs, but at least SGU has proven to be an interesting and entertaining series. This episode promises to be “The battle that changes everything”.

When the Destiny drops out of FTL to investigate an energy signature which may indicate intelligent life, the crew discovers a debris field. Scott, Greer, and Brody take the newly restored shuttle to investigate the wreckage only to awaken a fleet of dormant attack drones.

Just as the Destiny is about to be overwhelmed by the drones, The ancient seed ship drops out of FTL as Telford hails the Destiny and advises they follow the seed ship through the corona of a nearby star to escape the drone onslaught.

For those of you not following along, Col. Telford was left behind on an ancient seed ship when the Destiny escaped hostile aliens by jumping into FTL.

Telford reveals that the aliens were not truly hostile; merely desperate. Their race has been battling the fleet of attack drones and the only way to end the conflict is to destroy the control ship. The crew of the Destiny make an arrangement with the aliens to attack the control ship.

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