Stargate Universe 1.20 “Incursion (Part 2)”

I think I mentioned that I was never a big fan of the previous Stargate television series. But SGU is an entirely different experience and I really enjoy it. It’s no BSG but you take what you can get. So until SGU returns this fall (September 28?) here is a reminder of where we left off.

Previously, The Lucian alliance used the stargate to board the destiny. Col. Young (Louis Ferreira) has the Lucian alliance contained to the gate room but members of the crew including 1st Lt. Tamara Johansen (Alaina Huffman) are taken hostage by the alliance. Chloe (Elyse Levesque) and Eli (David Blue) are caught in the crossfire. Chloe is shot in the leg but she and Eli manage to escape to an unexplored part of the massive starship.

Meanwhile everybody on board the destiny is in danger from deadly gamma radiation from a pulsar. The destiny in unable to escape by making the jump to FTL; protecting the crew from the threat is consuming all the ship’s energy and eventually the shields will fail. Dr. Rush (Robert Carlyle) and the other scientists devise a plan to conserve energy by only shielding the side of Destiny exposed to the binary star. The changes to the shield system can only be made can only be made on the exterior of Destiny’s hull at the shield emitters. Scott and Greer go EVA to modify the Destiny’s shield emitters

Col. Telford (Lou Diamond Phillips), working undercover attempts to transfer control of the ships systems back to Dr. Rush but is discovered by Commander kiva (Rhona Mitra). They shoot each other. When other members of the Lucian alliance finds them both incapacitated, they assume that some of Destiny’s military crew is attacking them. The Lucian alliance soldiers over-react to the imaginary assault. All of Destiny’s military crew captured, presumably to be executed.

Scott and Greer are stranded outside the ship and the deadly pulsar is once again about to shower the Destiny with gamma radiation. Their only hope is that Eli, who made contact with Rush from a control console in the unexplored area, can open an airlock for them near the front of the ship.

Stargate Universe returns to SyFy this fall with new episodes

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