The Political category should be called Alternative Facts

I definitely have political opinions. Some of which you may disagree with vehemently. I usually don’t blog about said opinions. However … I’m thinking about creating a political category here at Particleshock Science fiction.

You might ask why I would do such a thing on a science fiction blog. We love science and in the current political climate science, education, and common sense are in grave peril of becoming anti-American concepts. Without S.T.E.M. there would be no point in dreaming about the future. I dream about a day when we conquer disease and poverty; when we colonize the moon and Mars. I don’t want to become a technological third-world nation. Surely you realize that tech we use every day is beyond what some peoples of the world can even comprehend. That could be the United States someday. When the rest of the world has limitless clean energy, we could still be dreaming of slightly-less-limited fossil fuels.

Authors of my generation would never have written some of their most thought provoking stories had their parent’s generation not made such achievements as landing a man on the moon. It is only because we have made such monumental strides in numerous fields that contemporary science fiction is so rich and diverse. Had computers never advanced beyond paper punch cards, William Gibson probably wouldn’t have written Neuromancer.

I’m not wanting to wade into the ridiculous pool of filth that is American politics today. There are however important policy issues which stand to profoundly (and negatively) affect science and therefore the fiction it inspires.

Anyway, before our reality devolves into some king of tsarist steampunk parody of intellectual discourse, I thought I’d tell you the name for the political category. I do try to give topics more interesting names than say “books”, “movies”, or “politics”. I do believe I’ll call the political category “Alternative Facts”.


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