Happy Birthday: Particleshock is six years old

Another year has gone by in what feels like only a matter of weeks. This marks the sixth anniversary of PARTICLESHOCK.com and regretfully I haven’t made much progress blogging on a regular basis. It feels like I make the same promise to myself every year, that I will create and publish new content on a regular basis.  Maybe this will be the year I finally  make good on that promise.

I have a few things planned for this website in the coming year. First, I’m finally getting an SSL certificate so your connection to this website will be encrypted. Next, I’m planning to reorganize the content so that the random things I post from time to time are separated from the main science fiction related posts.  Finally, I’m probably going to move the other top level domains and use a HTTP redirect to make google a little bit happier, since three TLDs currently point to the same content.

Here’s hoping the next twelve months will be more productive. Cheers.

"I'm not a scientist … but I play one on the Internet." Formerly a graphic designer whose "pen & ink sensibilities" have become obsolete in a pixel based profession. A child of early 1970's science fiction — a life long fan of all the rockets, robots, and rayguns who inspire our dreams of life in an uncertain future.