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Reciprocity: Fringe 3.11
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Reciprocity: Fringe 3.11

An ancient machine known to “The First People” as the vacuum has been assembled at massive Dynamic. When Olivia comments that the machine is bigger than she expected it to be, Peter replies “just big enough to destroy a couple of universes”. The science team at massive Dynamic has been unable to activate the machine or identify any power source. One theory is that a missing component (stolen by the other Olivia) may have been the power source. The machine reacts unexpectedly to Peter’s presence in the lab.

Battle Los Angeles
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Battle Los Angeles: Aaron Eckhart fights aliens now

World Invasion, Battle: Los Angeles 2011 seems to be your standard alien invasion movie. Throughout modern history there have been eyewitness UFO reports of alien spacecraft. Their motives have never been understood… until now. Every major city in the world is under attack by alien forces. This is the story of a Marine platoon facing off against the invaders in the battle of Los Angeles.