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the time travelers wife
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The Time Traveler’s wife – weekend rewind

The Time Travelers Wife stars Eric Bana as the chronologically displaced Henry Detamble and Rachel McAdams as His wife Claire. The endearing but sometimes complicated relationship between Clair and Henry translates reasonably well to the big screen. However, the overall plot is somewhat hurried, with some events seeming to be out of context or poorly explained

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Viral Advertising: Because movies don’t sell themselves.

When I was a kid movies were advertised based on their content. Television spots would tempt you with tales of daring or high adventure. I remember a trailer for the first Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark. The advertising basically outlined the entire plot of the film so that you the viewer, might know exactly why this movies was going to be exciting (and worth your cash at the box office). “Audiences pack theaters today to answer a burning question, not to see a great movie.”