I’m watching The Legend of Korra, thanks Buzzfeed

The Legend Of Korra is my new obsession, Thanks to Buzzfeed community member Candice Darden. She published a list of 25 Reasons Why You Should Watch “The Legend Of Korra”

I am now in fact binge watching the adventures of Korra and company. Set 70 years after Avatar: The Last Airbender, this series follows a young woman named Korra on her path to mastering the four elements and fulfilling her destiny as the next avatar.

While it’s not my main interest, I do occasionally watch anime. For example I enjoyed “Bleach” and “Attack on Titan”. I’m not generally a fan of Nickelodeon animated series including and especially Avatar. But it is kind of fun to see some of the old characters and their descendants in a world after the 100 year war. Who knew Avatar Aang would have children?

As is often the case with an animated series of any depth you’ll find some elements which are clearly meant people of all ages, not just children. Korra also features a fully realized world history. Season two contains an amazing story of Wan, the first avatar (voiced by The Walking Dead’s Steven Yuen) and exploration of the struggle between darkness and light. This flashback is illustrated in an entirely different style than the main series.

Enough already. Check out the Buzzfeed link and then head over to Amazon instant video watch some Korra.