On the Topic of Kryptonian Technology

On the Topic of Kryptonian Technology

I’ve just finally gotten around to seeing Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and I was reminded once again that, at least In Zack Snyder’s imagining, Kryptonian technology is very organic … and moist.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s gross. I was half expecting to hear some dialog about protoculture and the Invid flower of life. (See also: Robotech, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, Genesis Climber MOSPEADA)

And Why does the blending of human and Kryptonian genetic material create an abomination like Doomsday? Say what you will about Superman Returns, but it seems more likely to me that that the progeny of such a DNA mashup would assume some traits of both genetic contributors, neither of whom was a giant grey monster.

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