Journeyman on NBC

Remember the television series Journeyman? it aired briefly on NBC during the 2007/2008 WGA writers’ strike. The series featured Kevin McKidd as an unwitting time traveler.
Journeyman wasn’t very original

Journeyman was actually pretty interesting considering that it only aired to fill a programming gap caused by the writer’s strike. Unfortunately the series drew some heavy criticism for being a little too similar to Audrey Niffenegger’s incredibly popular book The Time Traveler’s Wife. In fact, the broad strokes of Journeyman were so similar to Niffenegger’s work that I would call this a case of outright plagiarism.

Investigative Journalist Dan Vassar (McKidd) finds himself suddenly transported through time. Dan begins to suspect that he must correct some error in the course history or right an injustice before he can travel back to his own time.

If you didn’t find the plot of Journeyman incredulous already, Dan is able to convince his wife Katie (Gretchen Egolf) that he is in fact a time traveler. I don’t even remember how he convinced her. He must have ‘traveled’ right in front of her because they were already going through a “rough patch” in their marriage and I can’t think of any other reason should would believe such an outlandish claim.

Dan Vassar’s sudden disappearances from his own time have begun to cause renewed stress in his marriage and raise suspicions with his brother and his boss about his recent behavior. Katie continues to cover for Dan when they notice his sudden disappearances. She becomes somewhat less understanding when Dan reveals to her that, in the course of his travels, he has several encounters with his former flame Livia Beale (Moon Bloodgood). Coincidentally, Livia is also a time traveler.

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12 FEBRUARY 2011