Hoarding supplies during a public health emergency

The federal government of the United States continues to abdicate it’s responsibility to its own citizens, going as far as to deny those needs exist. The president of the United states is arguing with individual state governors over the allocation of supplies and PPE. Those who refuse to “bend the knee” seem unlikely to receive federal assistance. This is a shameless abuse of the executive office. Meanwhile, Americans continue to hoard basic supplies and foodstuffs.

Pandemic day 18

The local grocery stores are having a hard time keeping certain items in stock. I guess the hoarding of toilet tissue and paper towels was only the initial phase of panic shopping. Perhaps there will be weekly waves of in-demand items.

Right now Campbell’s Chunky Soup seems to be in high demand. That’s right Chunky Soup – the manly man’s stew of sodium, processed meat, and mushy vegetables is flying off the shelves. I guess I better get some.

Pandemic shopping is like real-time market research. Based on which varieties ares still available, you can probably make a safe assumption that those remaining cans are rather unappetizing. If people won’t buy a particular flavor of soup when they are in panic hoard mode, maybe it’s not that good of a flavor.There aren’t a lot of shoppers in the local grocery stores. For the most part, people seem to be obeying the stay at home order. There are always a few that don’t seem to get it. I saw a couple at the grocery store (not wearing masks) walking around quite leisurely. They were browsing all the aisles and getting uncomfortably close to other shoppers. Please get what you need and go home.

Originally Published 29 March 2020