Hailee Steinfeld considered for Transformers spin-off

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Hailee Steinfeld (“True Grit”, Edge of Seventeen”) is reportedly in negotiations to star in a Transformers spin-off movie, Bumblebee.

I’m not really sure how a solo Bumblebee movie would work or what it would look like. Bumbleebee isn’t exactly known for his solo adventures. I can’t imagine a plot that won’t involve Optimus Prime or the other Autobots rescuing Bumblee and Hailee from themselves. You can read a bit more about the project over at Dark Horizons.

I really enjoyed Hailee Steinfeld’s performance in True Grit. It was nice to see the relatively unknown face of an awkward young girl in a role with such weight. She had the kind of child-like innocence about her that just doesn’t survive long in Hollywood.

I’m happy to see Hailee Steinfeld advancing in her career but I would be saddened to see her falling in to the kind of overtly sexualized roles that trap so many young actresses. Looking at more recent photographs of Hailee you can see a rather unfortunate evolution. The image of the awkward child has been replaced with that of a young woman showing way too much skin.

According to her IMDb page Hailee Steinfeld was born in 1996. Yes, she’s technically an adult, but she still looks so young …too young to prance around the universe half naked with an incompetent robot as her only chaperon.

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