Gauntlet: The Final Episode Of Stargate Universe

I can hardly believe SGU is ending. Gauntlet is the final episode chronicling the journey aboard the ancient starship known as ‘Destiny’ by the survivors of Icarus base. I remember the beginning of the series when Eli Wallace was recruited to solve the “9th chevron” problem because of a challenge he overcame in a videogame. It as like a little nod to The Last Starfigher. I knew immediately that I was going to enjoy SGU.

It’s been two very interesting seasons although it seems more like three due to the extended mid season breaks. The series actually spans three years 2009 – 2011. While SGU was never on par with Battlestar Galactica, this was by far the best of the Stargate television series. I know people who were rabid fans of SG-1, but both it and Stargate: Atlantis both seemed kind of campy to me. The interjection of Ben Browder and Claudia black only seemed like a desperate attempt to interest some Farscape fans in the Stargate franchise.

SGU gave us memorable characters like Eli and Dr. Rush. We also saw some very interesting interpersonal conflicts along the way. Rarely “space opera” been as dramatic as the moment when Col. Young stranded Dr. rush on the desolate alien world at the end of season one. Some characters died while others, like Sgt. Greer and the former Lucian Alliance soldier Varro, found a whole new life. In the end I would say that where SGU has been most successful is character development. There were very few flat, two dimensional characters aboard the destiny. It’s been said that “we like people because of their virtues but we love them for their flaws”. The crew of the Destiny has certainly been an example of both human virtue and fallibility.

Goodbye SGU. I’ll miss you. Say Hello to Starbuck for me.

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