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The Firefly – Fringe season 3, episode 10

Fringe returns (to its new time-slot) with an interesting episode about choice and consequence. Walter attempts to help a burned out musician (Christopher Lloyd) recall a strange dream in which his deceased son visits him 25 years later. The involvement of the observers leads Walter to consider the possibility that the dream-like reunion of father and son may not have been a dream at all.

Walter has a conversation with the observer; who warns him about the unforeseen consequences of his choices. When Walter crossed into the other universe to rescue Peter, They fell through the ice on a frozen lake. The observer rescued them but in doing so set forth a series of events which altered the natural balance of the universe.

Later in his childhood Peter would once day capture a firefly. Because he did so, a little girl would not capture that same firefly and would decide to pursue another. When it began to rain and that little girl had not returned home her father decided to search for her in his truck. That truck would be involved in a weather related traffic accident in which a musician’s son is killed; the same musician sitting in Walter’s lab. The observer tells Walter that he must help to set things right.

Next Week: The ancient weapon described by the “first people” as the vaccuum has been assembled. Will Peter activate the machine and destroy an entire universe?

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