Dog Soldiers, featuring Kevin McKidd.

Dog Soldiers is a low budget military action werewolf movie. Even though science fiction is by far my favorite genre, horror and military action movies are also pretty high on my list.

A friend of mine recommended “Dog Soldiers” and it fits into both of the latter categories so I thought I might tell you a little about it.

The film follows a Scottish Royal Army unit on a routine training exercise in the highlands of Scotland who encounter a pack of Werewolves. The film, originally released in 2002, was written and directed by Neil Marshall. Dog Soldiers stars a very young looking Kevin McKidd as Private Cooper, a soldier in the royal army and the main protagonist of the film.

This is a classic “stand-off” situation where the soldiers are barricaded in an old farmhouse while the werewolves attempt to breach their perimeter and end up picking off most of the soldiers one by one. It reminds me a lot of the movie Aliens. Remember the scene where the Space marines were barricaded in the medical center on planet LV-426? One of the media testimonials on the DVD cover (from New York Times) actually compares Dog Soldiers to both Aliens and Predator.

This is a British horror film and therefore the budget and cinematography aren’t what American audiences typically expect. Don’t let that put you off. This is a great movie definitely worth your time on your next DVD night. While watching Dog Soldiers You might catch homages to the films The Evil Dead, Aliens, and Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.

25 DECEMBER 2010

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