The Day We Died: FRINGE episode 3.22

Emily Meade as Ella Dunham in The Day We Died: FRINGE episode 3.22

In the the season three finale, Peter has activated the ancient machine. we see now a vision of the world ravaged by temporal rifts fifteen years in the future. The alternate universe has been completely destroyed but our own universe is rapidly decaying. Massive vortexes have opened and Fringe Division struggles to seal them with amber. Peter is a fringe agent (no longer a consultant to the FBI).

Most of the Fringe team is where you might expect them to be in the future:

  • Olivia is the director of Fringe Division.
  • Peter and olivia are married.
  • Olivia’s niece is fringe agent.
  • Broyles is now a US Senator.
  • Walter is sent to prison for crimes against the universe.
  • Astrid will get a new hairstyle, trading cute and curly for sleek and sexy.

Walternate, traveled to our universe on a mission of mercy to save his people only to be trapped here when his home universe is ultimately destroyed. He is secretly working with a terrorist group using devices to trigger vortexes in locations known to be “soft spots”.

Walternate leaves a clue for Peter during the fringe investigation of Moreaux, the scientist turned terrorist. Peter confronts Walternate who threatens to take from him “someone that her loves”. Walternate then proceeds to shoots Olivia.

in the wake of Olivia’s death Walter realizes that it was he who buried the ancient machine. Using a vortex which passes not only through space but also through time. Walter is able to bury the machine in pre-history. He tells peter that everything can be different, he only has to make a different choice.

The Present:
Peter regains consciousness in the machine and realizes Walter’s warning from the future. He then uses the machine to connect the two universes. Our Fringe team now comes face to face with their alternate universe doppelgangers.

Peter attempts to explain what he has learned as the two Fringe teams begin to accuse one another of destroying the universe but then suddenly… Peter blinks out of existence. The observers um .. observe that nobody remembers Peter Bishop. After all, Peter never really existed.

I’ll see you for Season Four.

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