I Excel at Critical Indecision Making

Sometimes I just have nothing to say. More often than not I just don’t know what to say. What information could I possibly have, that somebody with ADHD (read: the Internet at large), might force themselves to focus on for thirty seconds?

I excel at critical indecision making. I’m an expert at determining exactly what information I might someday never get around to discussing on the web.

To that end; I’m not really sure why I bother to maintain this website. Well I guess I do… I’ve had this domain name for quite a while and I know that I just can’t stomach the idea of some squatter snatching it up. I had another domain name some years ago and the moment I allowed it to expire, some domain broker went and snatched it up.

That particular domain name was a derivation of my own name (and oddly enough I don’t actually have a real name – it’s a long story). I don’t really see anyone paying a huge sum of money for what is arguably an unmarketable domain name, as I have a rather uncommon name. I’ve NEVER seen any company marketing any good or any service that could possibly make use of this domain name. So to prevent that from happening again I suppose I’ll keep renewing this domain.

"I'm not a scientist … but I play one on the Internet." Formerly a graphic designer whose "pen & ink sensibilities" have become obsolete in a pixel based profession. A child of early 1970's science fiction — a life long fan of all the rockets, robots, and rayguns who inspire our dreams of life in an uncertain future.