Concentrate and Ask Again – Fringe 3.12


Look at this! a post about tomorrow’s episode of Fringe. Why post a recap a day early you ask? Well don’t think of this as a recap. Think of it as a friendly reminder that you should be watching Fringe. Yes it is an incredible television series but, also because tomorrow night you get to see Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) in a party dress.

I assume you want to know what the episode is about. Here is the blurb from the Fox Fringe website. The FOX writers can summarize an episode better than I could anyway.

When a scientist falls dead after ingesting a lethal cloud of blue powder and his bones disintegrate in his body, the CDC suspects a biological attack. As the Fringe Team investigates further, a subject from Walter’s past with ties to Olivia reluctantly agrees to assist with the intense case. – Fox.

I’ll update with a recap after the live airdate. It’s not like I do anything on Friday night anyway.

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