Change Comes Slowly

I haven’t been been very good at maintaining this website. That’s in part because this website serves no real purpose. I’m not running an online business … this site isn’t meant for selling any physical goods or intangible services. I’m not an artist for hire. This is not my portfolio or online resume.

It’s just a point of contact. Because I refuse to use facebook or instagram  (Facebook is evil. Please don’t use anything that company is connected with.), I wanted a way for people to connect with me online. Here I thought people could see what I’m up to, the kinds of things I am interested in at the moment, and a convenient way for them to send me a message.

As I don’t really know that many people “in the real”, I’ve found that I really miss that “water cooler talk” about the latest TV shows. I thought I could have a similar experience with like-minded people online. That didn’t really work out. So, I’m going to try to simplify some things here.

Watch this post if, for some reason, you care what those changes might be.

What is going to Change

No longer doing “Team Blogging”

Biscuits is working on his own site. Or he will be, eventually. Right now it’s just a dummy placeholder site. It was a really fun idea to blog together, like a micro media outlet but between two of us we still never posted anything. Also, I keep breaking the site while I experiment with new plugins and themes.

Fewer posts about personal issues.

Nobody cares about my poor boo-hoo personal whatever it is. Wow… nobody cares about anybody’s personal challenges. I mean I like to think that, if you had a go fund me page to pay for your cancer therapy, people would have the decency not to troll you. But nobody wants to hear my personal crap.

I’m no longer doing episode recaps.

I’m not a very good writer. The recaps were terrible. Besides, with the popularity of streaming services like Netflix, nobody is waiting in suspense from week to week. Sadly that space for anticipation and conjecture is mostly gone now.

I’m removing the existing episode recaps.

Like I said, they were of really poor quality and the coverage was spotty at best. I might have had commentary for one episode here and then not again till the following season. It’s actually quite embarrassing so I’m going to torch them. The irony is that for purposes of SEO, I actually restored some missing recaps just so I could create a redirect.

Certainly I watched a ton of cool stuff that I didn’t share with “teh interwebz” at large. None of you sods even bothered to ask if I was still alive so… I assume you also don’t care much which TV series I watch.

Minor clean-up and revision of existing content

I really should clean up the posts I’m planning to keep. Better meta data, better grammar. You won’t even notice.

until later,