NBC’s The Cape May be the worst show ever made

Note: This post was lost in May of 2016 and only the excerpt could be recovered from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

I’m not sure NBC has a firm grasp on the concept of a successful television series. You know that whole bit about ratings and ad revenue? Yeah, that’s the part they seem to be fuzzy about. Their new series “The Cape” seems like a parody of some 1930′s radio drama.

The Cape? Seriously?

Haven’t we learned anything from terrible film adaptations of  radio dramas such as  “The Phantom” and “The Shadow”?  Actually, after having seen the cape, Both of those films suddenly seem like cinematic masterpieces. At least Alec Baldwin didn’t learn his mysterious ability to cloud men’s minds in a carnival.

The premise is that police officer Vince Faraday was framed for a crime. I don’t remember what the crime was. Probably something stupid like j-walking. Anyway he can’t go back to his family because um … He’s presumed dead or something.  He transforms into a super hero with the help of a cape (which may or may not be imbued with magic powers)