The bullet that saved the world: Fringe episode 5.04

The bullet that saved the world: Fringe episode 5.04

Wasn’t it awesome to see the fringe team using some materials from old fringe cases in the fight against the observers? The chemical agent from “Ability” (season 1, episode 14) was a good choice but personally I was hoping they would opt for the blue powder from the episode “concentrate and ask again” (season 3, episode 12), a biological weapon which dissolved the skeleton of its victims.

Fringe season 5 episode 4 “The bullet that saved the world”
No matter how bad your week may have been (mine was quite bad so I can sympathize) Fringe Friday always makes it better. This intense episode sees the Fringe team causing some mayhem for the observers.SciFi Mafia has some Fringe video clips and more for you. Here’s a Walter bishop quote from the episode teaser:

“There was a time when we solved fringe cases… Its time we created a few of our own.”

What did you think was going to happen when Broyles was confronted by the old fringe team? Would he openly defy Captain Windmark and assist Peter, Olivia, and Etta? I’d hate to see Philip as an enemy, even a reluctant one. I was hoping he could maintain the appearance of loyalty to the observers while secretly working to assist his old friends. The reveal of Broyles ability to hide his thoughts from the observers and his participation in the resistance was delivered right on time. I was becoming concerned that Philip had lost his will to fight after losing Peter Walter and Olivia.

Walter’s quotes have become a particular highlight of the show. After finding a gelatinous confection which seems to have grown long vine-like roots Walter opts to taste his gruesome discovery.

“Jelly! It’s still spongy.” – Walter

The conversation between Henrietta and Olivia about the bullet pendant was very touching. Olivia tells Henrietta “Peter used to call this the bullet that save the world”. I take that to mean that this was the bullet fired by Walter at the end of season four which killed Olivia thus ending William Bell’s nefarious plan to create a new universe populated by creatures of his own design.

The unexpected death of Henrietta was a shocking twist but will probably prove to be a powerful catalyst in the fight against the observers. Judging by the “resist” posters seen in the next episode teaser, Henrietta becomes the El Che of 2036.

What do you think will happen in the coming episodes of Fringe?

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