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Altered Carbon is the kind of gritty, post-cyberpunk science fiction series I really enjoy. Unfortunately that means it's exactly the kind of series that rarely makes it to network television. Thankfully, this is a Netflix original series.

I will probably never see another episode of Star Trek Discovery. That's rather unfortunate. After waiting years for a new Star Trek TV Series, I'll never know how Discovery develops beyond its pilot episode.

Daniel Kaluuya and Jessica Brown Findlay in Black Mirror: Fifteen Million Merits (2011). Black Mirror is a Netflix original anthology series.

SyFy has renewed their space bounty hunter series "Killjoys" for two seasons, the second of which will also be the series' last. SyFy also axed another of their prime-time series. "Dark Matter" will not be returning for a fourth season.

Intruders is a BBC America mini series from the writer and executive producer of The X-Files that reveals the existence of a secretive cult, whose members seek immortality by taking over the bodies of others.