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stargate universe
Binge Worthy Television

Stargate: SG1, Atlantis, and now the Universe

The SyFy Network premiered the newest spin-off of the beleaguered Stargate franchise this weekend. The new series “Stargate Universe” is considerably darker and grittier than the previous Stargate properties, all of which were campy and suffered from cliche after obvious cliche. The bottom line: Stargate Universe is a huge improvement over previous efforts.

bsg expands
Binge Worthy Television

Battlestar Galactica final season expands

The Chicago Tribune Reports that the final portion of Battlestar Galactica will likely air in the first quarter of 2009 and that the final episode will be expanded to three hours. Additionally, it seems that at least one more Battlestar Galactica movie (similar to BSG: RAZOR) will be produced. It is unfortunate that such an acclaimed series has been plagued with these annoying mid-season breaks.